Landscape Design

Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos, Landscape Architect – MSc Eng (Landscape Architecture)
Thoughts on landscape design

I am a garden designer, landscape architect, and doctor of veterinary medicine. In addition to the above-mentioned degrees, he has completed studies in therapeutic horticulture both in Finland (Green Coach Horticulture Therapist, 15 cr) and in England (Horticulture Therapist, IV). My professional and leisure interests focus on the diverse well-being of nature with the idea that we are part of nature, a species among others. By taking care of nature in a long-term and balanced way, we also build our own well-being and health.

At our company Axina Oy, I design well-being-friendly environments, private yards, forest parks, fairytale gardens, community, and therapy gardens based on biophilic principles, and I lead empowering park walks and therapeutic gardening at the Arohetum Magnolia tree species park I founded.

We have succeeded in working with our customers to design a sustainable environment that supports nature experiences, well-being, and activities for different seasons.

Design is about organizing and reconciling the customer’s wishes, respecting the details, into a functional and beautiful whole under the conditions of nature.

The functionality and comfort of one’s own living environment are seamlessly related to human well-being. Health and peace are also sought in one’s own space. The use of space is shaped by the needs of the individual and the community. Design is a dialogue between the client and the designer that respects individuality. The result is a successful change and an increase in the value of the use of the environment.

Descriptive in my plans is

Naturalness, layering, easy care, consideration for style and architecture, greenery, functionality, and durability.