Arboretum Magnolia

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Arboretum Magnolia is a tree species park in Lohja, Karkalinniemi, by the lake. The area is three hectares in size and is managed as a park. The park was established in 2003 and opened to the public as a garden tourism destination in 2014. In 2018, the park began to be developed especially from the perspective of well-being and preventive public health, including Lake Tourism and foreign customers.

Our services

Self-guided garden visit to the arboretum

Explore the arboretum on your own using the map or the Glopas application. Much of the park is barrier-free.

We are a species among others. Our well-being is built on physical, mental, social, and religious factors. On the route, we will get acquainted with the most important effects of welfare theories, and we will deepen the connection with nature by getting to know the offer of different parts of the park.

The recommended order for the route is the butterfly garden – creek path – stumpery garden – valley – Japanese garden – beach terrace – birch – natural forest – cafe terrace.

The entrance fee can be paid in the online store or on-site with cash or MobilePay. There is no need to set aside time for the visit.

Guided garden visits in the arboretum

The park has trees, shrubs, and perennials from around the world. The trees come mainly from China, Korea, and Japan. About a third are from North America and about a tenth are from Europe and the rest of the world. There are more than a hundred woodcarving families in the area. The theme of the park is the Japanese garden, terrace garden, stumpery garden, valley, creek path, magnolia path, hydrangea path, spring path, perennial garden, rhododendron path, butterfly garden, and ornamental grass path. In addition to trees and shrubs, the area is rich in perennials and bulbous plants. A guided tour must be booked in advance. The languages of instruction are Finnish and, if necessary, English. These visits are purchased or booked from our online store, link below.

Visiting hours

The arboretum is now closed. We will open again in May 2023.

Please note

The destination is an outdoor destination, with weathered clothing and a lawn and outdoor footwear suitable for walking on wooded trails. Lawns and wooden stairs and bridges can be slippery when wet. No open fires, swimming, or dogs are allowed in the park.