Axina Oy – Empowerment and well-being in a forest park

Axina Oy offers empowering well-being to individuals and communities through the Arboretum Magnolia tree landscape park and landscape design.

Axina Oy has been a family company in Lohja since 2011. We love what we do and we do what we love. Our goal is to create well-being by nurturing a diverse nature connection through Green & Blue Care activities in Metsäpuisto Arboretum Magnolia, an aesthetic and revitalizing 3 ha tree species park on the shores of Lake Lohjanjärvi. The park has a 1 km long, partially accessible themed wellness trail, several picnic terraces in the terrain, a summer café, and 2 PuuCees (another accessible). We offer wellness tours and vacations for different target groups. We also offer landscape design of green environments that support well-being and health for both private and public entities, designed by landscape architect Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos.

You can get acquainted with the Arboretum Magnolia as a wellness environment with the help of the following thesis in Finnish or FaceBook or on this website and online store.

Quality and safety

We act professionally, purposefully, inclusive, humanely, sustainably, listening, appreciating.

Our company’s service concept Metsäpuisto Voimapolku has been awarded the Green Care Finland LuontoVoimaa quality certificate. Its purpose is to verify the purposefulness, professionalism and inclusiveness of our service. Green Care Finland is a national association operating in Finland that develops well-being activities related to natural environments. The association awards LuontoVoima and LuontoHoiva quality labels on application to companies that meet the quality criteria set by the association.

In connection with the LuontoVoima quality label, we have prepared: 1. a process description, 2. a safety document, 3. a quality manual, 4. we carry out self-monitoring and 5. we collect customer feedback.

In our service operations, we comply with Green Care Finland’s ethical guidelines and professional ethics regulations in the healthcare sector.

Our experts

Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos

I have a degree in landscape architecture and a doctorate in veterinary medicine. I have studied horticulture both in Finland (Green Coach Horticulture Therapist, 15 cr) and in England (Horticulture Therapist, IV). Both my professional and leisure interests focus on the well-being of nature with the idea that “we are part of nature, a species among others. By taking care of nature in a long-term and balanced way, we build our own well-being and health ”. In our company Axina Oy, I design well-being-producing environments based on biophilic principles, including community and therapy gardens, and I lead empowering park walks and therapeutic gardening in the tree species park I founded at Arboretum Magnolia in Lohja. I work for the Board at Green Care Finland.

We have succeeded when we have increased our client’s nature experience, either in a forest park or by designing an environment that produces well-being.

Esa Stenroos:

M.Sc. (Eng.) chemical wood processing industry, corporate financial management, family business experience of over 60 years.

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